Prince Abdi | Be Safe Act Crazy

September 28, 2020
Grant Park, Chicago, US
United States Festival
Prince Abdi | Be Safe Act Crazy

Additionally, Abdi has done various tours with other Muslim comedians. In July 2008, he performed at the Islam Expo in Olympia, London. In July 2011, he toured four UK cities in the Peace Youth and Community Trust’s (PYCT) first Muslim Comedy Tour, alongside Jeff Mirza, Humza Arshad, and Nabil Abdul Rashid. In 2013, he performed a whole month at the Cape Town Comedy Festival.

He then performed at the monthly Laughter Factory comedy tour, which started at Heroes in Abu Dhabi’s Crowne Plaza before heading to Dubai and Doha. In July 2015, he performed at Eid Special Comedy Night at The Comedy Store in London.

In June 2015, Abdi made a short film My First Fast as part of the British Muslim Comedy series, five short films by Muslim comedians commissioned by BBC to released on BBC iPlayer. Abdi used flashbacks and period details to recall the childhood trials of his first fast at the age of seven. In January 2016, he performed at the fifth edition of the comedy show Arabs Are Not Funny in London.

Abdi has also performed at Somali community events. He continues to perform stand up comedy throughout Britain and internationally. He is currently on tour around the London area whilst writing new and original comedy pieces on-the-go.